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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easel Cards, Magnolia, Spellbinders

Do you ever finding yourself asking the same question over and over again.... How in .... they did it?

Well, you are not along... I am one of those people who want to see with my own eyes and no written instructions can help (could be the language barrier)...

Any way...

About a year ago I started to chase Magnolia stamps. Love their cute little images. Than I found myself learning how to color with Copic markers... Still enjoying the educational process...

Once I came across Magnolia magazine. I was impressed by precise instructions on each project they printed there. People in Europe are willing to work hard for been published in that magazine. And I am telling you they deserve it. Creations and ideas are just breath taken...

So, I saw one fold up card and it was so nicely displayed, but I didn't even dear to think about making something like that, complex... My thought on that was "Maybe some day..."

Glad to say, this day came... and it's today.

I just love, love, love to make these EASEL CARDS...

The Green card was made for my mom's Birthday a nd was send out to Russia. Still didn't get there, so I didn't hear about it from my mom...
The lilac card was created as an example for my Ustream workshop.
Here some close ups on both cards:

Easel Lilac Card you can buy at my store.

For crafty once I made several card kits for both of these cards. You can find it at my store as well:

Easel Green Card Kit
Easel Lilac Card Kit

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P.S. spear couple hours for my video tutorial on Easel Cards
Have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Natasha

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