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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Black & Red Halloween Layout

Well here is another finished project. And for that one I can thank so many people:Luisa from YT with her challenge, those who created Halloween, who makes crafting supplies and papers, printed coupons and smartphones for ability not to print those coupons, my sweet heart (I retyped heart tree times - guess he is special), my friends, who invited us over to celebrate holiday, cameras, which shoot the pictures, Cd's that hold our pictures from antuant times.. and I can go on.... You got the picture...
Any way, I came to USA with my son in 2005. We were introduces to such new and bright culture, so while I was learning to speak language, I was soking in everything else that was available... Then I was introduced to scrapbooking and here we are now in 2012 I am crafting using pictures from those first baby steps I wa taking here in US...
Let me know how I did..

 Here is the video on that creation. Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Love your layout. Thanks for entering our contest, winners will be announced on our blog later today!