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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Shabby Bow Birthday Card

Have you ever seen a bow card? I wonder who came up with this idea?
The first time I saw it on YT in some once video - I was amazed how 3D and beautiful this project was... But time passed and I got side tracked and forgot about it...
Just resonantly Amador made Tilda Bow card and posted pictures of it on FB.. Beautiful project trigger my seance bids again.. I asked for tutorial, because I truly would love to create one..
Well the only thing I ran into dilemma of  competition (copyrights) that Amador was battling.
I guess ideas also can be copyrighted and it doesn't meter how you got to the final result.. which I think is kind of wrong..
Make the story short I wound out with two templates on the same project and the third is still in my head...Ha-ha!
Now let me introduce you a final (slightly twicked) Bow Card that I made as a Birthday gift  for my good friend Aarti.
Oh boy, isn't she gorgeous? Of course I should say something about talents of the person who put it together... Ha-ha-ha! No seriously, that might be the part of it too...
Alright, let me walk you through...
I used Luisa Diaz's (owner of  KittysScrapPost) new collection "Tea With Teddy" digital collection for the papers and new laces from NSK that will be listed for the month of November 2014.
The template that I choose to work with was the one that I purchased and I used just few of those elements, because of how reach those papers are and how much those laces filling up the space on the card.

Alright, lets start with the base.. Surprise there the base was a hexagon shape, which is very unusual

you see the view of the back of the card... with pulled out tags..
And here is the view of inside..
 I used one of the half page papers and folded it in half and just cut out the shape..
 here I pulled out all tags so you can see the inside of the card better..
And a closer shot on the pocket/border that I created using Magnolia die, but it can be any border punch.. Look how those Teddies are cute!.. Love them.

Alright moving on..
Card has hm about three layers  in it with out counting the base and embellishments:
- tails of the bow (you can see those from the back better - refer to  the 3rd &4th pictures above)

You can see it and a little green triangle picking out on the back behind the laces... Exactly!! that much of those you see in the project.. ha - you got to be kidding me right?! Oh well..

- first and larger layer of folded papers into the bow in blue

of course all layers been inked with distressed inks and distressed on the edge using TH distress tool.
I created a pocket between two layers and tucked in some tags with BD messages...
On this picture you can see that there is something white comes through between blue and pink - you are right it is a hand die cut paper doily.
- second layer of the smaller bows which makes it last out of three layers that I mentioned

And lucky for us I can show you closer that music lace a that I gathered and attached under bow tails layer and a nice skirt.
Lets look into few decorative elements of this card

On the top you can see some lace picking out and two paper strings.. It is actually one of the laces that was tucked in and to hold it up I placed die cut of music notes that was adhered on the back of the card. Next element that you see is a blue butterfly and red flower - those are a die cut piece of the border die which I cut into several pieces and tucked through whole card here and there. I used scraps of the blue paper (large bow). After the blue bow layer you can see part of the paper doily and then another border die piece only in green (it is one of the Magnolia dies). Next is the pink bow layer and another paper doily topped with Tu-Tu flower.
wow those are some layers ha!!!
You think I am done? No way!
Here is the bottom view of the card

Starting from the bottom up: music note lace, blue bow layer, paper doily, green border piece, pink bow layer...stop we hit secret element there.. Out of all lace you can only see dangling circles, but there is about an 1 inch wide lace in there.. ok and next layer of paper doily with Tu-Tu flower and you see bits of butterfly border die cut and a piece of lace, by the way the same lace that I used on the very top of the card, just flipped up side down.
Lets take a look at the center piece...
 Here you can see on the top of pink bow layer: paper doily (which by the way for more transparency I cut out the middle of and used only the circle border of the doily), Tu-Tu flower and here is that snippet of the beautiful lace which is topped with one of the beautiful wooden buttons from NSK. And you can see how I used die cut border of butterflies, placing those randomly through the project.

Last element is or are tags that I was using as a place mat for messages and as decoration.
those were tucked in in pairs on both sides of the card under blue bow layer

and inside the card.
There is a meaning to each tag. They all are different and all have different laces which represents 6 people who are involved in secret event, These 6 people are different but we are all sending our birthday wishes to a recipient. I was thinking that it was a nice touch.
Alright.. I think I am done with all details of this project. Here is final picture and a video..
Thank you very much for visiting my blog, commenting or not..
Lots of love and have a great day!

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