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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tilda Christmas Ornament

Hello my friends!
Holidays are coming up and everywhere you go you can see a holiday spirit and decorations. Love this time of the year!
I was attending a local crop and in December we are having a very special crop - Christmas one!
We are cooking our favorite dishes and exchanging gifts.

And of course crafting!!!
I manages to make couple Tilda Christmas ornaments and those were gifted away right there: one went to my sister Paula and second went into gift exchange along with Michael's gift card.
The story right?... With me there is always a story..
After finishing my ornaments (which I needed to go back home for extra supplies) I decided that I can try to record the video of my finished project on my phone (which I never done) and try to upload later on that day...
So I went into hole way to be away from loud crafting crowd, got my fabrics, magazine and a feather flower for a nice decorative background and started my recording...
On the first 10 seconds take I needed to stop it because some loud dude came into hole way and starting talking to the ladies in the next room in a very loud tone of voice....
So after waiting on his "speech and promo for his place of work (some food restaurant)". I started a new recording. It was brief couple of minutes, but hey for me couple of minutes is a record on speedy gonzales work. Because usually I LOVE to talk and my vids are just " a bit to long".
Alright the lighting wasn't that great, but I managed... Did  several pictures and pleased with myself went back to join my friends.
Had absolutely fabulous time: lots of laughter, good dishes and deserts.
I got a tower of chocolate for a Christmas gift - love it!

  So here are my ornaments that I made...

One ornament is smaller and one larger. I created those using: some pink fabric from my stash, lace and beaded tulle from Jo-Anns; seam binding and ribbons from NSK; feathers and beads from my personal stash.
Here you can see two different sides of ornaments: one covered with heavy lace fabric and another with beaded tulle.
  Few beads on the top of the ornament decorated with bows and ribbons.

 And beads on the bottom of the ornament that connects lacy tail with the ornament.
Here those ornaments again:
 Smaller one with feather tail..
Larger one with beautiful bows and ribbons...
Alright, do you think the story ends here? Ha-ha-ha! Of course NOT!
I came home around 11:00 pm and realized that I forgot iron at the crop, luckely for me someone picked it up... Oph, great!
So I decided to unpack, so the next morning I could start doing something else (too much on my plate now). Well, who needs fogy pictures and why would I upload those?? Then erase and on and on..
Delete everything right the way from your phone!!! Brilliant idea! OR NOT!!!
Along with my fogy pictures here my video went out of the window....
REMEMBER, your smart phone doesn't have a TRASH!!!
Deleted files are removed and to recover those - you need to install a recovery program for $40..
No thank you!
So that fight went till hm, I would say1:30 AM!!!!! Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep...I quit, too frustrating!!!!
Next morning I decided that the world will not disappear if I will do just a slide show.. Brilliant!!!!
Here what I came up with, enjoy!

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