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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Craftyirina's Birthday Challenge 4D Pocket Letter

Hi Ladies and Gents...
Today I am coming to you with new invention for Pocket Letter... Yes new , new...
We all trying to keep pocket letters flat for shipping purposes, but..
It is very hard not to alter a project.. well I already invented PL clousers, so what else????
Well how about 4D?
I added perfume to it.. Check it out!

 this image is sealed perfume from ma gazing that I added to PL

And of course I couldn't just send it as is.. Presentation is everything!!!

Enjoy it!
Hugs, Natasha
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Thank You Pocket Letter for Shirlene

Hello everyone, hope you are having a wonderful day!!!
I attended my first ever pilates class, interesting I would say! I think I will do some more, because it seems to be a very light workout...
Ok, back to crafty world.
Shirlene gifted me a wonderful pack of papers, so I am digging/cutting into it.
And Pocket Letter was the first thing on my mind
Here what I came up with
 I reused gifted to me gift wrap on the side there, cut out few die cuts from this paper collection
 hang few goody bags with goodies
 fist row with the die cuts I tucked in some flat back pearls and last pocket was filed with buttons

 second row is a mix of sticker and die cuts from this paper collection
 as a decorative element I cut out a heart out of Metalic Venise Lace - 1 1/8" Gold and adhered it to regular paper clip
 on top of the last pocket I put cute Stitched Ribbon Bow - Victorian Rose.. came out cute

 Here you see few Recollection flowers and die cuts from paper collection
 On the back for the most part I used paper from collection
 oh though on 1st pocket I used tissue paper and in last pocket I put vintage brooch

 In a Today I.... pocket I put die cut of Thank You, because it is a Thank you PL
 and of course this picture got to turn side way.. BRZZZ!  ok next to Thank you pocket looks like a fence, it is not.. it is back of those acrylic word sticker. but looks good right? Ok I took the tiniest organza bag that I have and put confetti in there (hearts, butterflies, stars, etc)

That's it.. check out this video if you would like to see more..
Thank you for spending some time with me, have a good one!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Graduation Cards

Hello my friends!
Today I am coming to you with few quick Graduation cards..
Inspiration Pinterest.. I have a love/hate relationship with this web... Brilliant ideas and huge inspiration, but I can brown in there for hours and hours with out realizing it..
In all I am very happy with my research on Graduation cards - KISS principle
Here we go

Check out vid as well! Hugs and kisses, Nat