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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Choo Choo Christmas Express Train

Hello my friends,
Today I am bringing you our family new toy - Christmas Express with winter village
This project took several days to finish (skipping waiting for parts to arrive).
My husband was the initiator of that wonderful idea (I just wouldn't even dare to ask for something like that). So he scouted train and railroad on internet (Ebay)

meanwhile we started on deciding where we would like that train to travel..

so we created a track using boxes cardboard
we were missing few inches of rail road, so project got on hold for a bit.. But that way we knew for sure what exactly we needed to order..
So when all rails arrived we started on our project...

we lined up railroad oval on MDF board and secured it with screws for proper tracing of the track..
Than we lined up our Christmas Village..

That way we could draw curvy lines, so track would look good aesthetically...
while I was MIA visiting Janet.. my honey cut out, painted the board, mounted lags and screw back in place track.... Lucky me... I was busy playing
Ok getting back to our train..
When I came back home we placed MDF track on its place.... running by hand train on railroad and banding Christmas Tree lims away and adjusting decoration..

After that I got to work..
Its play time for me, because I LOVE miniatures and putting up the village was so much fun..

We are absolutely thrilled how this project came out!
You can do it!
Merry Christmas!

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