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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Queen of heart Altered Dress Form & Ribbon tassel

Hello my friends, today I am sharing my creation inspired by NSK products
I created those for "Valentine's Day with a touch of NSK hop" event that took place on YT on January 25th, 2016 (if you'd like to see this event in proper order, start here).
Back to my project...
NSK cares loads of different products: doodets, laces, ribbons, things to alters, bling and so much more..
This time we got in stock plastic dress forms

those are so adorable... what I like about those: light, medium size, easy to ship and quite inexpensive..
Well lets see what I created...
Queen of Heart a-la Alice in Wonderland

Isn't she gorgeous?
Here is the list of products that I use:
Dress form:
Ribbon set:
Imperio trim:
Red Bow lace:
Tulle white:
Tulle black:
Gift bag/cup:
I explained the process in the video below...
And there is one more product from NSK that was used some other way than intended..

Decorative Cup Gold

I created a ribbon Tassel with it..

And for that project I used listed above items.. Very easy and so much fun!

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