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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Alice in Wonderland Card of Hearts Soldiers

Hello my friends,
Today I want to share with you how I made waterproof outdoor Card of Hearts Soldiers
(unfortunately I couldn't do a video recording of process, but I will try to walk you through the process)
Supplies for this project:
2 - Large white foam boards (at the school department/boards for presentation/Dollar Tree);
1 - rectangular white table cloth (Dollar Tree);
2 - red 12" by 18" foam thin sheets (any craft store/mine from Hobby Lobby)
1 - white A4 foam thicker sheet (any craft store/mine 1/4" thick from Hobby Lobby)
Proportional template of Card of Hears Soldier you can find here.
Shipping Scotch tape; scissors; E6000 glue (craft store); cardboard (any shipping box); wire (any wire).
Lets get started:
1. Wrap your large foam boards with white table cloth and seal edges with scotch tape (2:50 time frame in the video).
2. Cut out of red foam (3:10 time frame in the video):
- 2 pcs of Head/Face (1st just a solid shape & 2nd as a solid shape + flip heart element for the nose. Att!!! don't cut on fold line) see the template;
- 2 pcs of smallest heart (these will go in the opposite corners of your card under the numbers);
- ... pcs of medium hearts ("..." means - # of your card. Expl: if you are making Three of Heats, you need to cup 3 pcs).
- print # of your card using word document with font "MS Mincho" and size from 150 to 200 (#should be about 2" tall); cut out numbers; trace those on the foam and cut out.
3. Cut out of white foam: 1 pc of cheeks.
4. Take one of the red head foam pieces ( the one with flipping nose piece) and white foam cheeks.
- position your Head red heart piece upside down (pointy part of the heart up);
- flip nose cut UP and insert white foam cheeks inside opened flip (white heart positions correct way as a normal heart shape); close nose flip down on the white foam = you should have triple sandwich of the foam layers: red, white, red; (5:50 time frame in the video)
- adhere with E6000 all overlapping foam pieces.
5. Start adhering foam pieces to your wrapped large foam board (#1) with E6000 and putting some weight of top of adhered pieces (Expl: books/magazines)
I started with the Head/Face; you are going to create a sandwich of layers:
bottom layer - solid red Head/Face piece of foam + middle layer - body of the soldier (wrapped white foam board #1) + top/final layer of red Head/Face piece of foam with the nose #4.
Lets start:
- find middle of the shortest side of #1 and lay it down with front side up on the working surface (I did mine on the floor)
- take a solid shape (w/o nose cut out) of Head/Face red foam, apply E6000 all over it and place it under your soldier body #1 in the center with glue side up, slightly overlapping curved shapes of the heart with foam board;
- take #4 shape (Head/Face with cheeks), apply glue on the inside and place it on top of #1 body of the soldier & solid shape of the Face/Head trying to match all sides;
- adhere red foam #s in the opposite corners of the soldiers body (top left and bottom right);
- under numbers of the card adhere smallest heart shapes;
- equally redistribute middle size hearts (check on internet proper positioning of hearts according to the #) almost like buttons on the shirt;
- lay your soldier down on the floor, add protective layer of clear paper (just in case of glue goosing out) and press it with heavy weight books or magazines.
Let it dry over night ( or you can do #6 right the way).
6. Flip your soldier face down and adhere on the bottom back side all the way across L shape cardboard piece for a U shaped ground anchors and one or two smaller L shape flips somewhere in the middle of the body of your card soldier for the wire attachment (6:12 time frame in the video). Be sure let glue to set over night before putting your project on display.
Thank you so much for stopping by, hope it was helpful!
XO-XO-XO, Natasha

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