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Monday, December 26, 2016

Nickname sign Mixed Media project

Hello my friends, today I am coming to you with a project, which I absolutely LOVE and wanted to make for a long time
It is a name sign, well nickname....
I wanted to make one for a long time, because Janet has been crackalackin those for forever and I wanted to make one so bad...
I guess each project has its time... Well this once time just came...
Nickname of my dear friend Diana (sparemarbles2012 on YT) is "Pink Sharpie"... LOL
I am not going to get into details.... Each nick name has its own history or story...
Well, I wanted this project to be in Victorian style and of course to be practical...
So this name plaque holds a pen, pencil or Sharpie
 So I uses wooden scrabble tile holder to lay out different tiles and pieces....
Fen and cameo is a set of buttons from JoAnns or Hobby Lobby; tiles all were gifted to me by Janet over the years of thrifting; plastic trim on top of letter P now sold out, but you can find those at NSK; tiny plastic bow is NSK product and there are a loads of varieties of those on the website; ceramic rose; royal heart earring...... 
 for an "i" I used cork wrapped with Venice lace and topped with leather flower and pink seam binding and crystal bobble - all are product of NSK
 the golden rose is a button, but you definitely can use flat back cabochon roses from NSK; for "N" I used chipboard piece backed up on bling wring/buckle (recycled product) and last but not list is tile "k" from my stash topped with pink metal flower
 for a holder of pink sharpie I used wooden cloth clips
 Glue choices: E6000, Glossy Accents, Hot glue
For paints: Ranger Vintaj Patina set for all metal (quartz, marine, amethyst) - Hobby Lobby jewelry section (look at Vintaj section)

I absolutely LOVE how this project came out, so shabby and sweet!
Happy New Year everyone!
Have fun and be safe!
Xo-XO-Xo, Natasha

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