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Monday, January 23, 2017

Decorating 6x9 Loaded Envelope with My Valentine

Hello my friends....
It is going to be a contentious line of project devoted to one gift/swap "Sweet Treats" Loaded Envelope using KSP by Luisa's digital "My Valentine" collection

I just did a video tutorial with written directions on how to make a base for your loaded envelope using manila folder if for some reason you are having problems to follow flashing screen tutorials, please check real time video tutorial, that was requested by few of my YT followers.
Now after you cut our and scored your future to be loaded envelope, you can start decorating it using fabrics or papers (it's up to you how you want your envelope to look)
I decided to alter my future to be envelope (before gluing all sided together) inside and outside...
1. For edges decor I went for vintage Moulin Rouge look: stamped and inked it.
2. Adhered decorative papers on the inside half way (because home printed papers using allot of ink and inside won't be so visible).
3. Assemble envelope and adhere outside papers.
4. Start decorating (use your imagination). You can do shatter style pocket, extended pockets, vertical or horizontal, half way or full way.. Just decide what you are trying to achieve
I wanted to have as many pockets as possible (by the rules of swap we had to have at list three)
so on that side I used long vertical pocket
 with punched out edges....
 and shutters style punched out borders layered pockets - those are not as dimentional as the other one, but you can tuck in so many flat things in, like paper clips, stickers, ATCs, note cards and more...
And I decorated the bottom pocket with the bow - LOVE bows...
And for another side of this Loaded Envelope (LE) I decided to use Corset template form NSK
So I printed one of the digital papers and sent it to printer again to print on top of it corset template (both files fit 8.5 by 11" paper). Cut out my corset and applied it to the side of my LE. I had a bit of  time spent on figure out how to adjust it to the width of the LE, but you'll see in the video below how I decided to approach it:
- start from the middle (adhere center of the corset to the center mark of LE)
- adhere tulle pockets
- adhere sides of corset arching those to fit your page
- decorate as desired
Well, I think I told you plenty enough about this project... If you want to watch the process video below, you are very welcome to do so....
Here is how it came out....

Enjoy the video and thank you for stopping by, hugs, Natasha

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