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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lets Load that envelope!

Hello my friends..
Today is final day in this series of "Sweet Treats" Loaded Envelope, that I took apart for you: step by step and blogged and posted videos on almost each individual project that was included in this swap...
I am very happy to say that my partner was very pleased with all my projects, which I call - "mission accomplished".... Hours of work and delays paid for itself..
Bringing the happiness to others is a blessing!
I hope you enjoyed this journey with me:
starting from making base for future to be Loaded Envelope

Decorating of the envelope

altered paper clips and pipe-cleaners altered word "SWEET"

layered stamped embellishments and woven hearts
 altered bottle caps and a button - tiny embellishments
and gift packaging for all
Making a 3D Bone Treat/Gift Box from NSK
How about a Heart shape basket - My Valentine Gift Box
topped with Ice-Cream
and loaded with loaded tiny envelopes
 well, lets not forget altered paper doilies

How about Tulle Pom Poms that you can make w/o any tools
or upcycled pencil
Plus Snail Mail Envelope Flip book

and Jumbo Tag with loaded pockets

we aren't counting wands
 altered Jumbo paper clips

 and cards...
In all it was absolutely overloaded "Sweet Treats" Loaded Envelope + few extra goodies
 So to finish our thyme shell we load all of it inside our Loaded Envelope? Shell we???
from this

to that

I hope you enjoyed this journey if not - take a cup of tea or coffee, snuggle in and enjoy!
Lets load!!!!

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