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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Alice in Wonderland Decorative Wreath tutorial DIY

Hello my darlings,
Today I would like to share with you Alice in Wonderland Decorative Wreath project.
I even recorded the process video, so you'll be able to replicate this one if you'd like...
I picked up summer wreath at Michaels (on clearance)
Rabbit ears & tail + Witch Hat - Halloween costume from Walmart
Some floral from Hobby Lobby and Dollar store
Dry swirls from old aroma decor bouquet that I picked up at Home Goods (long time ago... pss, still using parts of it for my projects)
Ribbons, wooden A, tussles, bling (Xmas ornament) from Hobby Lobby
Candle, decor butterflies - Dollar store
Clock - local thrift shop
Pick up some 20 Gage wire, paint (white and black) to color wooden letter A + sealer
Oh Mad hatter and Alice from toys department
I think that would be it....

 I absolutely LOVE how it came out....

perfect size for my front door....
I am impressed myself.... LOL
Enjoy the process video and try to make your own!
Hugs & Kisses,

Friday, October 27, 2017

How to make Giant Outdoor Decorative Flowers on the budget DIY

Hello my friends.....
OMG, I can't believe that I finally got around to process this video tutorial and share it with you.
In this video below I am going to show you how to make Giant Decorative Flowers for the party (Birthday, Halloween, Wedding, etc.). One correction though... Those are water/ weather friendly decorations on the budget (using Dollar tree items).
P.S. If you are going to use this decor indoors only, you can use tissue paper instead of table cloth.
You need to have:
- 2 rectangular tablecloths (tissue paper for the indoor version)
- 1 plastic bowl
- few large metal paper clips
- scissors
- hot glue gun
Here we go.......
1. Cut your table cloth into 18 x 13.5 inch rectangles.
2. Now separate it into 3 stacks with 8 layers of material in each.
 3. Take one stack and add 18 x 13.5 inch stiff mesh or tulle  in between plastic sheets  (as many as you'd like; you don't need to have it at all)
 it will look like that....
 3. Now  start folding your layered rectangle along the long side accordion style
your fold should be about 2" but play it by ear (what you want  it equal fold at the end as the 1st fold)

 Keep folding till the end...

 Here is an example of how your folds should look - equal....
 4. Eye ball 1/3 of the length of your folded accordion style rectangle and secure it with large metal paper clip.
 5. Fan out 2/3 of your element
 6. Cut out almost heat shape of the edge - half circles.
Tip: to cut equal shapes/ half circles: fold edges of step #5 on on each other, so your element folded in half and cut your half circle; when you'll open edges - you'll have something looking like this (picture below)
 7. Repeat step #3 through #6 for another two parts that you separated in #2. Take your second table cloth and repeat steps #1 through #7.
So you'll have 6 elements in total.
 Prepare your bowl and all 6 petals.....
 8. Take one folded element #6 and pull each layer of material towards your hand that hold paper clip
 fluff 1/3 side.....
 fluff 2/3 side..... still holding on the paper clip!!!!
 Your 1st petal is ready to be glued into the bowl.....
 9. Preheat your glue gun and start adhering petals redistributing it equally inside the bowl.
Tip: You are placing shorter side of the petal inside the bowl facing towards the center. Your longest part of the flower will be trailing along the wall of the bowl and spilling on outside of it.
 Congratulations, your flower is done!!!!!

 You can make it using different colors

 Those look amazing!!!!!

 Tip: in order for you to make your flower into Talking Flower you need to spend a bit more money and purchase face mask and googly eyes in any craft store. Attach it or glue it i the center of the flower....

 Tip: To attach mask w/o gluing it you need an ice pick. Hit it up on the flame and melt hols on the back of your bowl and feed through ribbon or elastic band and attach your mask.
 The same technique works for a hanging string or wire (if you want to hang your flower)

Well, hope you liked it and will give it a try....
Have fun!
Hugs & Kisses,

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Alice in Wonderland Centerpiece

Hello my darlings,
Hope you are all well...
I am doing... LOL Getting a bit restless - counting calories.... Daaaaa! Drives me nuts..
But hey, beauty is a fight (with the food)... LOL

Ok, let get to the subject...
I altered Halloween centerpiece with flying bats into Alice in Wonderland theme....
It was so much fun (hm... not all of you will consider paper piecing FUN)... Just saying..
I pulled out scraps of G45 Alice in Wonderland paper collection and just started from the main wire and wrapped it into the tree image.... after that it's all "cover the backing" job - basically when you working with 360 degree item there is always a side that needs to be covered...
So it is the place for your imagination to go wild...
Well working with unpredictable Alice in Wonderland helps - because there is no rime or reason for anything in that story...

 Tip: delicate/tiny pieces like bunny or swirls needs to be stiffen/harden. I applied Glossy Accents.

 you can see all details and cut outs that I used here
I thought this decor piece turned out nice...

Hope you enjoyed this project and will give it a try after holiday to try decorating your own...
The best of luck and I'll catch ya later!
Hugs & Kisses,
XO-XO-XO, Natasha