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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Christmas in July Finale

Hello my friends!
today I am coming to you with grand finale of "Christmas in July" series that features all craft projects that I created for Irina (ThePassionForCraft)
We were suppose to work with NSK fabrics and irina wanted her items been done in green:
We will be doing 5 projects:
1. Doll/animal (deer, bear, bunny, Tilda doll, angel, angel 1, Santa 1, Santa 2)here is your sewing skills
2. Stocking
3. Ornament or tussy mussy
4. Decorated gifts (gift and gift wrapping ideas)
P.S. each project should have wings. Themes: Ballet/nutcracker; Cottage winter; Colorful winter; Red Christmas.
Here are my projects that I created for Irina in order those been listed on YT:
1.Tilda Doll:

2. Tilda Bug:

3. Tilda Clutch & Pocket Letter:

4. Winged Tilda Stocking:

5. Tilda Crazy Quilt Tussle & Cork:

6. Tilda Fabric Bow Card:

7. Tussy Mussy Christmas Tree:

8. Crazy Quilt Tilda Fabric Pocket Heart:

9. Tilda Gift Wrapping:

10. Tilda Fabric Perpetual Calendar:

Here are my creations in a tight gift bungle!

Thank you so very much for stopping by and spending some time with me!
Lots of love, Natasha

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Christmas in July - Tilda Fabric Perpetual Calendar

Hello my dear friends!
I have to tell you this project is the last one out of "Christmas in July" series and the most wonderful and the most challenging. It pushed my imagination and sewing skills to the limits...
Let me tell you the story about environment this project was finished in...
If you are following me for a while, you know that my home up north was flooded. Well taking boat to your house with groceries it is one side to the story, walking in high boots through river current inside your house is another...
That morning we woke up and we had a river water in our water pipes... Can't brush teeth, can't was dishes (yes can flush the toilet), but that's about it.. Well, we sat down and decided that we will be able to pack what ever we can take during this day, load our fishing boat for the last time and leave the house that night or next morning the latest...
I through belongings into totes (minimum), packed computers, jewelry, documents, got me some coffee going and said to my family that I am not leaving this house till I finish sewing last project (mind you, record the video, take pictures and package all "Christmas in July" projects).
So I did!!!
I am so proud of myself and thankful to my family for that!
Now that you know the story, let me share this project with you...

It all started with that Crazy Quilted hanging heart pocket.
Originally it was one on the first projects that I started to work on and it was almost finished. I was thinking to do a pocket for few gifts...
Here some close ups of detailed work on this project...
 Golden ribbon and a bow were trash cane findings on one of the craft crops that I attended... Funny how "someone's trash is another's treasure"
 On the left side I displayed altered plastic picture frame on the tulle flower with tucked feathers and paper die cut wings. I used metal filigree as a decorative element to create corners and hang crystal charms of it. Inside frame I created scenery: using scrap of gold fabric for background I sprinkle paper die cuts from Tilda collection and sequence.
 Edge of stitched front of the pocket was covered with metallic venise lace and pearl trim.
 On the bottom I created a crazy quilt decor using scraps of fabrics, lace and bling...
 Topped it all with brooch and dangling lace.
That was it for a while... I thought that maybe what ever I will come up with will fit into this pocket... But soon enough I understood its not going to happened.
So I came up with solution...Keeping in mind Irina doesn't like un useful things...
I wanted this piece been around her deck in use.. Hm! What? How?
Yes, it should be a perpetual calendar... of course! That way she will be able to use it!
Now I needed to come up with physical aspect of this idea..
How about using the back part of this pocket heart?
I printed calendar with one of the Tilda papers and sewed slightly smaller padded heart and clipped it on the back of the main project.
 To cover clippings I sewed Tilda flowers...

Now heart is ready?! or not?

yes we have the calendar, but how can we use it???
I came up with the system that will be displaying each month individually. Each month has its own linen bag; in it there is a figure and a safety pin banner that represents this particular month.
For example: December has Santa Claus and gifts with Best wishes.. after all it is Christmas time..

 Each safety pin clips on to padded calendar, which is so easy to change...

 Now to show what date it is I simply made a stick pin, which you can move along....
 After this month comes to an end you unclip the pin and figure and safely store it in its linen baggy.

Lets see what I made for other months?

Sorry for rotation of some pictures... Have no idea how to fix it (it looks fine on original photos)
Here those months together

And all project together:

Thank you so very much for sharing some time with me!
Hope you like it!
Have a great day!