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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Planner Washi Tapes & Stickers Haul/Preorder

Hello my friends,
I would like to share couple items that I purchased for myself: washi tapes & stickers...
On the wave of opportunity, I am offering preorders on few of those products.
For any preorders of items you see here and more, please join our closed FB group "NSK & Frineds"
Thank you for watching!
XO-XO-XO, Natasha

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lets Load Unicorn Loaded Envelope, part 2

Hello there...
If you stumbled up on this post first, I have to send you over to part 1 of this project
So we made out expendable envelope and now stuffing it up with fun things
Like napkins.....
 Or this pile of yummies: stickers, die cuts, notebook all nicely packaged and pinned with altered paper clips
If you are my follower, you already have seen this project. It is Colored with Beads" image of Unicorn
Lets put loads of magic wands
 And some shaker cards
How about some handmade bookmarks... So much fun!
Well, I don't know the limits on anything... Lets overload this Loaded Envelope with
Unicorn costume
Altered headband
and a clip on tail
If you would like to see more pictures and have lots of free time to share with me, please watch this video...
Hugs & Kisses,
XO-XO-XO, Natasha

Lets Load Unicorn Loaded Envelope, part 1

Hello my friends....
Today I would like to share with you a process video of loading/stuffing handmade loaded envelope.
Here some helpful links:
Manila 6x9 Loaded EnvelopeTutorial
Teddy Bear Hugs and Unicorn Wishes digital papers
Snuggle Palz Unicorn layered unicorn image
I started with handmade envelope
Added some wings to it
 And Unicorns
Ans started load it with some goodies I made
Handmade embellishments
Adorable paper pieced image of Unicorn
Altered notebook
Cute little pen and some stickers....
Well there is more for sure, so check out my video and hope to see you at part 2..
Hugs & Kisses
XO-XO-XO, Natasha