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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Victorian Alice in Wonderland Fabric Tote Wall hanging

Hello everyone,
Today I would like to share with you my project that I created for a wonderful crafter Tricia (alittleshabbychic on YT). It is Victorian Alice in Wonderland Fabric Tote Wall hanging
Here are few pictures of my finished project

So I made a photo step by step tutorial on how I made this tote....
Here it is:
1. Printed images on the silk (using special silk paper for printing)

2. Took piece of felt for the base - I want it to be soft but sturdy
3. Sewed on scrap of fabric in order for inside edge been finished
 4. Folded felt on its own and sewed  all open edges leaving an opening on the top - kind of sliding top loading pocket

5.  Starting to wrap felt in desired colored fabric: 1st layer - sheer soft green organza; 2nd layer - polyester mesh fabric with 3D dragonflies on it....

6. Adding vintage linen piece. This one happened to be long enough and vertical - exactly what I had in mind.....

7. Layering dangle trims from NSK and covering bright colors with piece of polyester dragonfly mesh fabric in order to tone down those bright pom-poms
 tassel dangle fringe trim & Venice white dangle geometric lace

8. Pilling off paper from printed on silk background
 Attaching it with the fabric glue
9. Layered a blue shade doily and stretching it into oval, so it will frame printed image of Victorian Alice
 10. I adhere Alice's image on the right curvy side and stuffing it with poly-fil just enough to raise Alice of the background

 Sealing filler along lines of her body on the left and adhering the rest of the silk background to the doily.
11. Left top corner I decorated with two satin flowers and one large WOC rose on top of the beaded wedding applique
12. Now it's time to alter image of Alice into even farther 3D element. I used scrap piece of doily to frame her skirt 
 topped it with seam binding bow
 and scrap of the mesh fabric (the one that I used for the background)
 and what is the bow w/o bling - vintage earring bling in the center... Ta-da!
13. Framed the edge of the Alice's background with Elegant Edge Embroidery Cotton lace from NSK
 tucked in Venice applique leaves, few fabric rolled flowers here and there...
 14. Finished the edge of mesh fabric with flatback pearls
15. On the right bottom corner side of Alice I added some fabric flowers with beaded sprays

16. Last minute I realized I need a handle and tassel 
So I used a side scrap from mesh fabric
Added a bling buckle and tulle bow
Seam binding, scraps of doilies, mesh fabric, flatback pearls, twine
 As for a charms: glass bottle with tiny hears & a key

17. Always put some goodies inside - it's wonderful finished touch to your project.
Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me.
Hugs and Kisses,

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Stack of Friendship Letters for Becky Long Gold Pro Loaded Envelope

Hello my friends,
Today I am bringing you my version of Stack of Friendship Letters that I made for my partner in swap Becky Long



Hope you enjoyed these pictures...
You can watch detailed video about this project below..
Have a great day,
Hugs & Kisses,