Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Weight loss Rose Champagne & Marble Cake

Hello, my friends!
Long-time no see...
I am so happy to be back and share with you my life journey.
I am attending a 30 days detox program and get amazing results:
1st week I lost 4 lbs.. woot woot! So proud of myself!

But this Livestream was an honest conversation with yourself, the truth about diets, meal plans, so you can have the same conversation with yourself. Get yourself a cup of tea or coffee and let us talk.

Along with the conversation about the healthy lifestyle, I am sharing NEW releases of limited-edition flavors that I just recieved:
Use my ID#22230278 during check out to save 20-40% off if you register as a preferred client (PC). Get FREE shipping on orders of $150+

Cheers to Us Bundle #1169

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