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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Layout: Alice ~Scraps of Darkness~

Layout: Alice ~Scraps of Darkness~

I was inspired by one author and her page Alice, so I created my two pages layout.
You be the judge...




Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Bunny 3D Card


1. 8 1/2*11" green paper

2. two 4*4" yellow card stock

3. stamps, ink

4. 3D dot

5. glue

6. embossing powder

7. circle craft punch or seizers


1. Cut a green strip 4 1/2*11"

2. Score 2 1/8" and 63/8, fold accordion stile

3. Cut one yellow paper 1 3/4*2 3/4" Stamp Bunny

4. Use left overs and cut it into 1 1/2* 1 3/8"

5. Stamp #4 - word

6. Take #3 and center on folded up green strip (level the tops)

7. Mark deapth Bunnies ears and punch hulf moon, leaving about 3/16"on each side of the green folded strip. Check how your Bunny fits.

8. Mark the end of #3 on the green flip strip and cut with your Xknife a narrow long oval (like a pickle) between half moon punch and buttom marked like of #3

9. Put #3 under green strip (you should see through your oval), top it with #4, linding the buttoms. Put the glue dot in betwin #3 &4 at the very buttom of oval. Try how the sistem work by pulling the tab up and down.

10. Glue green paper around #3

11. Top it with another yellow paper

12. Stamp, emboss - and it's done.