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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Egg Decoration - Shrink Plastic Sleeves - Coloring Easter eggs

Easter is coming and we are getting ready for it: cooking, coloring eggs, baking brad,ets
I have a simple and quick solution on coloring Easter Eggs.
Do you want your Easter Eggs look like these...
Here is step by step instructions on how to create those...
Step 1
Buy a set of Easter Egg Decoration
Step 2
Hard boil some eggs and let them cool down (or buy decorative eggs)

Step 3
Slide egg into decorative sleeve

Step 4
Bring water to a boil
Step 5
Put egg with a sleeve on it (Step 3) in a table spoon or any other metal kitchen spoon
Step 6
Dip spoon into the water for a few seconds and take it out the minute plastic will shrink around egg
Repeat Step 1-6 to all of your eggs
Enjoy your Easter Decoration!
You can find Easter Egg Decorations at my stores:
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Thank you very much for your time and hope to see you shopping at my stores!
Have a wonderful day!

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