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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rosanne's Vintage Wristlet

I am on the roll with those wristlets each one comes out better than the other..
This wristlet was created for my dear friend Rosanne (roxycar11 on YT) for her Birthday.
The idea of making those wristlets came from Pinterest and YT by watching some pictures and videos. On top of that Rosanne herself makes gorgeous wristlets and I am the lucky owner of one of those.
Ok, lets get to it...
 For the base I used two layers of lace (cream and black); waved through the ribbon...

 On top of the base I glued chrochet doily - that gave me the mat or background to work with. After that you just start layering your embellishments. I like to lay everything down w/o gluing it on, so I can move it around or add some extra goodies...
In this case I used Blue Moon cameo that I purchased from Hobby Lobby and add some black chain, black pearl trim and chopped plastic fancy pearl tream was added as an additional dangle decor to cameo. With flowers I used WOC two tone roses and some rose buds that I sprayed with Mode Podge spray to seel the paper and used Lyndies spray - to bring tones of those flowers together and add some shimmer as well.
After layering those embellishments, moving it here and ther I found the 'happy place" and using hot glue gun secured the embellishments on the doilie and lace.

For more carecter I decided to add a metal butterflies here and there...

Well, that is for this vintage like Rosanne's Wristlet. Here is the video for you to watch if you wish.
Thank you so much for stopping by, commenting and just following me here.
Have a wonderful creative day!
Hugs, Natasha

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