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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Helmar Remover Cleaner

Just was playing and checking the possibilities of Helmar Remover...
But as usual, got carried away in talking and sharing stuff..
I think it is my down side when I am trying to tell people something when no one asked my opinion... That is why it is a good thing to record it and post on YT, so everyone has a choice of listening to my BS or not...
Any way maybe for someone it will be helpful. Not everyone on the same level of crafting, so please be kind to me and my rambling..
The product that I am talking about is an adhesive remover by big company Helmar. They are famous for their fabric adhesive 450 Quick Dry Adhesive
But none the less..
I was testing that product on a new to me surface, plastic container. If you know me I love to recycle stuff, so I just couldn't through away another salad container..
So please watch the video with a little review of some other Helmar products. I can say only this.. I can vouch for these products, I am using those myself in all times.
So honest opinion there ladies and gents..
Take it away..............

And here is another video straight from Helmar website about this product...

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