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Monday, January 5, 2015

Thank you my favorite store challenge

This post is for crafting and none crafting community.
I am hosting "Thank you my favorite store....(name of your fav store)" challenge on my YT channel with a $25.00 gift certificate to my online store.
Basically I want to thank business owners for their hard work. People can choose their fav online store or local store to give thanks to people, who work there.
1. You have to send a Thank you RAK to the owner of your favorite store. It could be online store or local store.
2. Record the video of your RAK (random act of kindness) naming it "Thank you my favorite" and PM me the link to that video.
In your RAK include:
- make a card (include your information: name, YT channel, so people know whom the thanks coming from)
- somewhere must have a phrase "Thank you my fav store" (on or in card, or on the project)
- sweet gift (candy, chocolate, cookies) P.S. I like dark chocolate Lint is one of my fav brands
- everything else is up to you: you can do a project, you can sent some crafty goods or even a project
 - what ever you can think of.
3. Challenge will be open from January 1st till February 10th. Winner will be announced on my channel (mynashka) on February 14th.
Winning will be a $25 gift certificate to NSK:
Here is the link to the video, but for the challenge people need to scroll till 28:47 of video time
Thank you upfront for your input and support!
Hugs, Natasha
P.S. please spread the word and share this information. I am hoping that the outcome will be huge and memorable and maybe we can celebrate "Thank you my favorite store..." for many years to come

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