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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What I can do with old Christmas cards challenge

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it on January 7th.
Well, the holidays in our house are almost over and it is a time to put away those lights and Christmas tree and beautiful decorations. The holiday season ends so fast - too fast.
But we have an after holidays reminder that we are loved by so many people. How do I know? Well they told me, they even put it all in writing.. Yes, I am talking about Christmas cards.
But what are you suppose to do with those cards after season is over? I definitely do not want to through those away...
Well, I decided to ask huge crafting community to show me " What I can do with old Christmas Cards".
I am announcing " What I can do with old Christmas Cards" challenge
Internationals are welcome (I'll just adjust the price)
To enter:
1. Make a project using your Christmas Cards
2. Do VR or slide show of post on the blog or FB showing your crafty idea. Name your VR/post "What I can do with old Christmas cards".
3. You can enter as many times as how many of your crafty ideas on recycling cards will be showed (show one way to use cards - one entry; show two ways - 2 entries). You can do all your ideas/entries in one video/blog post/what ever
4. Challenge open till February 10th
5. Winner will be announced on February 14th with love.
Do not forget about " Thank you my fav store" challenge (scroll to 28:47) that is going on right now and will be ending in the same dates.
Looking forward to see your entries for both challenges! The best of luck everyone!

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