Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Christmas in July - My first Tilda Doll

Hello my friends!
Long time no see...
Today is my Birthday! yey me! 40 now and feeling great about it!!!
I finished set of gifts for my friend Irina (ThePassionForCraft), so I will be posting each project individually. I am naming this series "Christmas in July", because there is a story behind it... Ha, you know I can't be without stories!!!
We (NSK designers & me) were doing a Christmas 2014 swap. Irina was my partner. So I am fashionably late. Plus Irina had her BD in May. So this series is a "kill to birds" kinda thing. I rina chose green color for her thyme, and each project suppose to have wings. Those were the rules we set up for ourselves.
Well, I can tell you that I was disappointed in my sewing skills. It is so much easier to follow instructions, then sew on your own. So I would strongly recommend to all beginners to buy magazines with patterns and instructions rather pulling patterns on internet.
Ok now to the project....
 Irina wanted the fat one, so I created for her a hippy blond....

 She is wearing a bathing suit which is multi functionable... The top part of is turned into open dress decollete with shoulder wings.... The bottom has hand stitched lacy trim with pearls.
 She can definitely visit beach club wearing those high boots or can take those off for a barefoot walk on the beach.
 Well WINGS are an addition to her outfit. She can take those off if she'd like...

 Looking great so far ha...
 If she wants to go out as a high maintenance, she can: wrap around double layered skirt and victorian hat will finish her outfit in a seconds.
 Brining her hair in front and letting it fall on her face a little bit brings innocents to whole look.
 Decorative elements such as vintage lace and dangling crystals around her waist will catch attention of gents for sure...
 Long skirt with gorgeous trims on the bottom and top layer of embroidered, beaded tulle will leave everyone breathless.
 Couple whistle are guaranteed!!!

 This hat made in Victorian style, but she can wear it as a sunhat for sure!
 Just in case of cold weather I sewed for her a poncho.

 All elements are repeated from bathing suit and skirt, so it could be worn as an ensemble.
If pictures weren't enough, please watch this video.
Thank you so much for sharing your time with me.
Hugs and kisses, Natasha

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