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Friday, July 10, 2015

Christmas in July - Tilda Fabric Bow Card

Hello my friends!
Today I am coming to you with the next "Christmas in July" project. And it is a crazy quilt Tilda fabric bow card. How about that?!
Absolutely LOVE this one. It was a long journey, but it is worth each second of it.
I started to work on it in January on one of the crops, but then my life took one of those "spin your head around" few months, so I just got around to finish it...
Do you ever have a moment when project just isn't going? That's what it was for me this time...
But the base was done on the crop and just front part was questionable. Too many ideas at the same time and finally I found it...
 for the front part I took one of the plastic mini frames and created inside crazy quilt panel using gold fabric piece and some paper die cuts from Tilda collection. I distress white picture frame with inkagold and topped it with image of Tilda doll. I cut metal filigree into three pieces: two corners were placed under frame symmetrically and  center part was mounted in top left corner with flat back pearl in the center and dangle glass piece creating elegant moving flower.

 Under center piece I tusked feathers, because I was using those in other projects from "Christmas in July" series.
The first/smaller layer of the bow card (as each layer) was created separately first. I cut out a base of bow shape out of felt and stitched/sewn on scraps of all sorts of scraps, yarn and trims finishing it with elegant Venice laces, tulle, gold appliques and bling. Tip: the is no right and wrong way of doing crazy quilt!
 As I said second layer was created very much the same way as first one.
 And paper wings were just simply pinned to the card, because as a deal was all projects were suppose to have wings...
 This is the back of the card and you can see few layers of Venice laces sticking out on top.
 To make card sturdy I cut out a chipboard pieces, added layers of felt and sewed fabric around those. Now card can be displayed.
that's how it looks inside. Just love that fabric.
one more closer look and TA_DA, final image
Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me!
Hugs, Natasha

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