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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Altered Tote for Maggie's BD

Hello my crafty friends.
Today I am bringing you my first altered fabric bag/tote.. At least I think it's my first one..
I started with  very plain dollar tree find

Because I was pressed by time to finish all other projects, I almost left it as is...
But my professionalism (that might kill me one day) wouldn't let me send it this way...
So I went for a cheese and altering was done in few hours..
 On a handles I added rosette trim from my stash
 On this side I layered laces starting from the bottom and go up, just achieving pleasing to my eye look and using what I have in my stash...
 Here is a closer look where you can see longer dangle lace; shorter almost like a brush dangling trim on top of lavender layered lace trim; and finishing with Aartie's bridal beaded trim
 and this is another side, which was such a breeze to create. I used large vintage piece and ran under it on the bottom layered lace and on the very top again Aartie's beaded wedding trim.

Thank you so very much for stopping by and spending some time with me.
Please watch the video below to see all the details on this project and to hear explanations on how to decorate this tote.
Have a great day, Natasha

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