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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Art Journal page - Summer Welcome - Back to School

Hello my friends...
Today I am coming to you with my first art journal page.
In June 2015 my son and I went to Mizzou summer welcome for two days. That is college program for freshmen students and their parents. Lots of information, lots of running around, lots of desisions... Well me made it (not with mistakes though as we found out now).
Well its already August and my son moved into college already and I am heart broken sick missing him teribly...
Can't find place for myself.. I am very happy to know that he is in college, that he has a place to stay, that he is in classes and making new friends and lots of decisions on his own. I am very proud of him and wouldn't change anything, but I am the one who is hurting for unknown reason... Can't explain, but I know that my heart is crying and hurting...
So this page was my first try on mixed media and I have lots of questions to those who does know a little about it...
I took some cut outs from all papers that they gave us during these two days and picture of us together at the shop. I just miss my son so much!

So please let me know what did I do wrong (in techniques)?
My concern is that pages are warped...
Should I use stick glue?
Should I use mod podge or multi medium?
Is Momento inks ok for stamping on such type of pages?
Did I used Soft Pastels Tendres correctly?
Why my Prisma color pencils didn't work of photo?
Ha-ha-ha! I can be asking even more questions..

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