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Thursday, August 6, 2015

How to rotate a picture on the blog!

Hello my friend!
If you are here, that means you are a blogger.
I had this blog for a while. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I Love it, but sometimes I hate it...
Yes, yes one of those love-hate relationships..
Well, then more I blog then more I learn..
Today my conversation/research will be about this moment
rotation problem
 Now, if that doesn't drives you nuts, I can tell you it pushes all my buttons...
I tried to get into HTML code and who knows where, but I am not a computer savy person... So all my efforts were for nothing.
One day I had absolutely enough of that torture and I went of excessive Google research (you can kill me now but I can't find original post, that's why instead copy and past I am typing this post).
So problem is in auto upload of images. and even if your picture is proper on you computer it doesn't mean that it will upload on your blog rotated.
I am sure I am not the only one who complaints about it, but Blogger doesn't respond and we are still missing "Rotate Button" in our toolbar.
There is a solution through the third party... I know I hate when that happens..Now what I need to go somewhere else??? no thank you!!! (that would be my response). But maybe it's not so bad...
Almost all of us have Google account by now (with all YT, G+ and etc). Well did you know that Picasa Web Albums is connected to your google account and all pictures that you upload on your blog automatically stored in there... (so much for my payment for the cloud storage, ha!)
P.S. for those who do not have Picasa Web Album use this link to download it
Alright lets roll it...
1. You are writing your post: ta-da. la-la. ta-la!
2. Now you need to upload your picture to confirm your last Ta-La!
Normally you would go to little symbol of picture which calls "insert picture" and click on it

You would see following window

Now instead of clicking on "Upload/Choose files" click on "from Picasa Web Albums"

it will take you to your albums

 Now you looked through hundreds of pictures of your old posts and you are cursing me and regretting the day when you decided to trust a stranger... But wait there is more!!! (love that saying)
3. Go to Picasa Web Album you will see your home page and a little bitty upload button

click upload and create you today's album with pictures for today's blog

upload wanted pictures and click OK

Now you have your today's album with wanted pictures in it.
4. But oh NO!
 there is one lucky picture that's been auto rotated AGAIN!!!! (got to tare some paper here or breath in a lunch bag for a second)

Do not panic!
Click on that darn picture to enlarge it

Above that picture you will find two Rotate baskets
Keep clicking on those till your picture will take desired position

Now click Home button and you will see all your albums displayed in Picasa Web Albums program

5. Now go to your normal upload picture routing (see #2)
When you'll get to "Select File/ Upload" instead of clicking "Choose files" click on "From Picasa Web Albums"
Now you can see your newly created Album with your pictures in it

Click on that album and select pictures that you would like to upload for today's Ta-La! confirmation

Click "Add Selected"

Happy stress free blogging!
Hugs, Natasha


  1. Hi Nat. Thanks for this information. I didn´t know about this Picasa album.
    Hugs, Erla