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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Alice in Wonderland Headband with decorative stand

Hello my friends,
Today I am bringing you first project Out of three "Alice in wonderland"
I was in a swap with wonderful talented crafter here on YT Brittany Pochick
We decided to do few projects - free style - no strings attached. Just gave each other few likes for orientation..
I know Britt loves Alice in Wonderland, so do I.. Here is my first project for her...
I made a headband using deck of real cards with few deco elements

 Than I wanted to recycle a packaging material/box from characters that I purchased for this thyme project and I had few Card Soldiers left (I needed to find home for them

I think that gift packaging/ headband stand would be a very nice decoration

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Thank you for stopping by!
Hugs, Natasha

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