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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Recycled Seam Binding/Ribbon Dispenser Box

Hello my friends
I want to share with you my last project..
Funny how this one happens to be..
I was packaging 25 yds of seam binding for an order ... well it's allot...
My dilemma was how to package it nicely, so customer could use it right the way..
I hear allot of comments right now: tag, spool, plastic bag.... Thank you so much for your wonderful input...
I decided to take a bit different rout - alter a box

how simple that could be... mostly that type of box has an opening on the back where you can feed ribbon through, so this box becomes a dispenser as well as storage..
I looked through my digital collection from KSP and the rest is a history...
Mean while I recorded the whole journey, so you can see how it all came about...

Have a good one, see you next time!

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