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Friday, December 4, 2015

Gift Wrapping idea using Paper Clips a la Craftyirina

Hello my friends,
today I am sharing with you quick and easy gift wrapping idea:
You need:
1. your gift
2. lunch bag
3. paper doily
4. stamp with a message, ink
5. paper clip
6. scraps of paper, ribbons, lace, floral sprays - what even you can find around you
7. hot glue
and get crackalackin....
Step #1 Put your gift inside lunch bag and fold it shut.
Step #2 Fold paper doily in half and stamp your message. Place it on top of your lunch bag.
Step #3 Punch out shape out of cardstock or scrap of your paper, you can stamp regular paper and punch out shape of a heart or even take a sticker. That will be your base. Be sure to turn it fancy side out
Step #4 Preheat your glue gun. Place your base (#3) wrong side up put a dab of glue on the bottom and place a paper clip. Start adding scraps to cover and secure paper clip till you are happy with finished result.
Have fun!

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