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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ocean Blue Christmas Ornaments

Hello my friends
today I am bringing you my new creations- three beautiful Ocean Blue Christmas Ornaments

Those were made for my friend Janet (nanjl54). She is amazing crafter and wonderful friend, who loves ocean/nautical trymes.
This year she is displaying her Nautical Christmas in guest bathroom (which I referring too as a "toilet"). 
So all my creations and there will be more in the next posts when into toilet...Ha-ha-ha! sounds so funny!
Alright here we go..
 for the base I used Dollar Tree plastic snowflake. Well, all items shire shells are from that store..
 I alchohol colored everything in the same tone and rubbed rub and buff to add that old antique gold touch
 the main problem with this structure was to balance it because of two shells on one side (bell is plastic)
 and poinsettias on another side.., so I added another shell under the flower..
so that how it looks in all..

#2 Very simple and light visually and by structure ornament
 base is plastic snowflake
 couple feathers: white and turquoise  with real shells
I put glossy accents in between and sprinkle beads and glitter.. Came out adorable..

#3 my fav
 I took large oyster shell as a base, dollar tree deer and poinsettias... Everything was alcohol inked. Scarf on the deer was touched by white paint
 I ruffed surface of shell and used E600 and glossy accents and hot glue white securing deer and trims on that shell..
 After Everything was in place I added shimmer: spray Vellum adhesive  and sprinkle glitter. it dries almost immediately..

I am very pleased with these ornaments and I think Janet liked those allot, because those went straight to the toilet..
Have a good one!

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  1. Thank you so much and I love them almost as much as I love you!!!!