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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Inspirational ATCs

Hello my friends,
Today I am bringing you an ATCs.. yes, can you imagine? I made an ATC.. I am proud of myself as well..
It was very fun and creative project.
I truly enjoyed it.
Ok so Gigi is hosting a giveaway challenge and you can enter by making two ATCs and sending those to her (challenge for US only). I am really not doing it for a challenge as much as for support of smaller YT channel.
So here they are my entries:
I even created an envelope for those two ATCs and decorated it by stamping and lining up from inside with dictionary paper.. All in, right?!
 So first ATC is about home. I love those little odd houses
 for the sun I used a bling and hand drew flower got another blig in the center as well...
 I even pulled out of Pinterest printable panel for signature of ATC
 Second ATC was inspired by Dede Willingham  and her Worlds..
 I used couple magazine cut outs and few acrylic paints
 came out cool, I really enjoyed it..
 and of course the back of ATC was "stamped" with my signature
Hope you like this project, thank you for visiting with me!
Hugs, Natasha

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