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Sunday, April 17, 2016

My two #PenPal Flipbook entries to the challenge

Hello my friends, today I want to share with you couple flip books that I made for my #PenPal Flip Book giveaway challenge..
It sound silly right? enter to my own challenge...
Well if you are one of the participants or knows the story/ coze behind it, you won't be surprised at all...
This challenge goal was to collect as many flip books from as many people as possible for two wonderful ladies here on YT who are experiencing some health problem. I thought that sending them so many wonderful creations would be very uplifting and encouraging.
So how could I not to enter? of course I had to...
So here they are my flip books:
Flip book #1 is for Lydia

and second one is for Beth

Thank you to all participants, who kindly sent their entries to me.. can't wait to get the last few and send those out to Lydia and Beth!
Warmest hugs to all.

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