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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tilda Loaded Christmas stocking

Hello my friends,
Today I would like to share with you my altered Dollar tree stocking a-la Tilda, a-la Loaded stocking
Well, we have to keep up with craft fashion as well..
Basically this project was inspired by several crafters on YT and a desperate need to return the favor to a good friend before Christmas..
Well, nothing new there... I am always late, which makes me lagit Alice in Wonderland...
Oops, I am getting side tracked again... Haven't ate or drank anything suspicious... I think its all in my head..
Ok, going back to our project..
Well, I made a winter globe ornament and altered stocking in Tilda theme.. By printing several related images on fabric and attaching those here and there.. well check it out..


 and now all wrapped and all..


And of course I recorded the process of altering the stocking , so you can see it for yourself..
Have a very Merry Christmas all!
XO-XO-XO, Natasha

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