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Monday, January 2, 2017

How to make a Doll Shoes Tutorial by request

Hello my friends,
Happy 2017! May it bring happiness, health and prosperity to your home.
I finished my 2016 by making few Xmas funky trees with the legs & boots
Funky Christmas Tree with legs & boots

  Funky Shabby Xmas Tree 

So, I had several people asking me about the boots/shoe....
I am sure I am not the only one who has the tutorial on that subject and in no way I am taking any credit for it...
I just made my digital Doll Shoe Template and a video for you on how I made those darling little boogers....
It is rather simple to do.. apparently.... Ha-ha-ha!
If I tried it earlier, I wouldn't be such a "chicken" to try making those
1. Download a template. Choose your template carefully. For printing on the paper or other material; or for tracing & transfer. 
2. Print or trace pattern on desired working material 
3. Shoe bottom/sole trace again & one of the soles trim slightly (follow dotted ........... line) to the size of insert. 
4. Assemble top part of the shoe. 
5. Take smaller shoe bottom/insert and adhere #4 to #5 (as shown in the video
6. Adhere larger shoe bottom/sole element on the bottom of the assembled #5 (top of the shoe and insert). 
7. Decorate shoe as desired.... 
Hope you will give it a try yourself...

Have a great day!
Tight hugs, Natasha...

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