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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Hello my friends..
Today I would like to share Sock Bunny project.
I was on my TO DO list for a while...
Lackey for me I am in one on one swap with on crafter and we decided to make Easter Bunnies as on of the.. few things
I absolutely love making those now, especially when I bought two pairs of socks, I might as well finish what I stared..
I found and followed the photo tutorial from Pinterest
So you start with the sock and cut out parts for your bunny
 Starting from the top of the sock:
2 arms
1 head
1 tail
1 body
2 legs

 Sew around the head and turn sock the right side out; stuff it to your liking; stitch nose and sew on eyes..
 Sew and stuff in arms; place those between head and body fabrics... Sew body piece to the head.
 Stuff the body, close it on the bottom. Stuff and sew the legs and tail. Sew on those to the body...
 More info in the video below......
Look how different your bunnies can look using the same socks....

 Bunny hugs, Natasha!

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