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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mini Books

Scrapbooking is going GREEN now… How important recycling is to you? Well there is a way to help our planet to get read of some elements of trash we all have around our houses. And guess how it’s going to be? The nicest way you can even imaging, without smalls and nasty trashcans stuff…
You can create a mini album from the rolls of the toilet paper!!! Hm, why didn’t I think of this brilliant idea myself? None the less, here it is…
Beautiful mini book for any occasion...Made from rolls of toilet paper with different printed colorful papers and beautiful 3D embellishments. It has 8 pages and 5 double sided insert pages with deco tabs for easier pull out. You can personalize it with small pictures and some journaling. Nothing else will make your friend or family member feel more special than this unique mini album, which can feet in a palm of your hand.

There are two books in this collection: Spring, and classic Black and White

Let’s welcome beautiful Spring Mini Book
Mini Book Spring

How cute is that?
I love the colors of this album and embellishments came as a kit…
We’ll take a closer look…


Each page is unique and beautiful!

Spring Mini Book


Spring Mini Book kit


Let’s take a look at Black and White Mini Book

Mini Book Black & White

We’ll take a closer look…


What can I say, the colors are classic.
This album can be used for any occasion!

Here is the list of supplies you need to be able to create something similar:
Colored cardstock, Cardboard rolls, Set of stickers, Set of embellishment, White cardstock, Tabs, Book rings, Eyelets, Ribbons

Enjoy it! Thanks for looking!

Black and White Mini Book


Black and White Mini Book kit


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