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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tattered Angels Box

I needed some sort of box for my new 6 by 6 inches Thanksgiving and Christmas Cards. Something nice and very easy to do... Because as always it's last minute project for me....
So I went and got me scoring board, white heavy sheet of 11 by 8.5 inches cardstock and started on it.
Scoring and making a box wasn't a problem, and I was done with that part pretty soon.
So what I had on my deck - it was white unfriendly, but very sturdy box. My cards were at home now.
But having such cute cards in such a not nice box was unacceptable...
I looked around my room, looked on the clock (it was pass midnight again), and Ta-Da!
My eye felt on my new wall storage and a little basket with new Tattered Angels sprays in it...
Suddenly it's done on me; I just bought a Christmas stencil at the Wal-Mart. didn’t know then why am I buying it. Seems like a good idea at that time!
Hm! I don't have a square of open area on my deck, and spraying it's a messy deal anyway.
You need to commit to nuzzle, that what TA educator Stacey De Wid was suggesting on here last class in FLA...
Where in.... I am going to commit to it? Ta-Da!
How about outside... All sprinklers are on in the neighborhood, so whatever I am going to spray would be washed away immediately!
Couple trips to the garage to get some working gloves, and full commitment to the spray. One, two, and three!!!
Yay-yay! Paper towels!!!! Hurry up to the kitchen!!! - That wasn't good idea! Because now I have spills of TA on my carpet (it’s a big No-no!), and the door, which is fixable and wipe able.
But now I have the cutes box ever...

TA box 7
TA box 6
Isn't it cute?

I left it along through the night to dry. Remember the paper towel? I left it dry out as well...

Next morning...
It was already around 11 am and I needed to finish my card stand boxes.
First thing first. Whoes creations is it? Mine! Yep! TA box 5
I die cut my business card as a tag, added a tulle and mounted it on the boxes with pop up dots...
TA box 8
for this project I was using TA Icicle Blue, LED Red, Cadillac Pink sprays.

Something still not right about those boxes.
Couple minutes and Ta-Da! Idea! Tim Holtz Alterations Tattered Flowers Die for my paper towel... I used two sheets of towels scored in between. So I folded it to the size of die, ran it through Vagabond and my pile of flowers appeared...
From there it was just a matter of my imagination...

TA box 4
TA box 3
TA box 2
TA box 1

Hope you enjoyed this few minutes on my Blog!
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