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Monday, October 6, 2014

Art Journal page & a Tag

Hello everyone.
Hope you are having wonderful day.
Guess what I was crafting this past Sunday till ok, ok again 2:00 AM. I know I know.. Should not stay up so late, but I so wanted to finish it...
Alright.. there is a story behind it, as always..
I was watching YT - trying to catch up and visit as many of channels as I possibly can while I am some what open and feeling well. Because last year while starting my store on Zibbet - NSK I really was so consumed by it ( because I am a VERY slow learner), so I just canceled my social life, cut hours and hours from my family time, didn't craft at all and of course wasn't active on YT...
My apologies to a wonderful YT community - I was truly missing you all.
So that's why I am trying to get back on track with been active, because my store should be hm not secondary but at list parallel to my life.
Ok I was watching Patrizia's videos (Pat. S on YT) and stumbled on one challenge.... I am trying not to attend those, because I might not be on time and I do not like to be late. But this one was different and it just caught my eye. I really like to help people out as much as possible, and that one needed some boost as far as I can tell (hey do not judge!!!)..
Lady who is hosting this challenge is Irene (seriouslyscrapping on YT) and she is celebrating 450+ subscribers on her channel by doing this challenge and trying to earn more subbies... The rules were very simple and I jumped in...
Here are my creations for Irene's 450+ Subbie Challenge Giveaway

I  created Art Journal page and a tag in her favorite colors - soft purple.
I will walk you through each project individually. 
Art Journal Page
I used this beautiful image that I found online in soft purple. Adjusted intensity of color and ruffed edges through Adobe Photoshop. 
Step 1

Print selected image on old dictionary paper.

Step 2 which I recommend to do the last (as we do things we learn)
Cover your page using soft foam brush with any kind of varnish. I had in my possession Satin Varnish by Liquitex that I picked up on sale at Jo-Anns.

Step 3
Use any stencil that you have at home to create texture with any sort of modeling paste. You can see which products I was using. Tip: Modeling past comes in white. You can color it, so it will match your project. On coloring pasts you can use any paints or sprays or alcohol inks or inks that you have at home. Put a little of your color on crafting mat or pallet and add small amount of past - mix it together till desired tone.Hey, add some sparkle by adding glitter as well.. Why not?

Step 4

Use your sprays (TA or LSG or homemade) and just spritz on top of the page and lift it up letting liquid to flow down the page creating interesting lines. Just play with it.

Step 5
Add some Flower Soft following printed image. In this case I decided to add a texture to flowers in her basket and around her in the garden using different colors of Flower Soft. Tip: Select one color of FS, apply a little bit of glue on those sections of the print that will be that color. While glue is still wet sprinkle FS on it and press. Shake excess of FS on a piece of paper or I am using coffee filter and carefully put it back into FS jar. Work in smaller sections so the glue will stay tacky while you applying FS. Repeat this process with other color of FS.

Step 6 
Do random stamping on the edges or even on the page itself if you see any naked to your eye spots. Use Rub -Ons or stickers or your own hand writing to finish the page.

And second project for this challenge. Altered Tag.
That was simple enough, just print image on the tag and start embellishing it. I used:
Laces & trims, paper flowers, fabric flowers, mesh, sprays, tulle, embellishments  . Be creative! I added stenciling using past (the same that I used on the page) and rub-on word as a message. Tie a little bow or ribbon on top of the tag attaching some dangling charm or bead
I used this cute image of kitty that I found online
isn't he adorable?
Ok so there are pictures of finished tag for you..

Check out the video on these two projects as well. 
Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Natasha

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  1. Hi Natasha, Im sorry i took so long to see this, I really really love this, no wander why you have so many subbies!!! you are one talented girl!!! Im so honoured you entered my challenge, i cant wait to see it in person, those paints are stunning how much do each of them cost and what are they called? thanks love irene