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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas Easel Bow Card Twas the Night Before Christmas

Hello my sweets, how are you?
I am so busy with so many things... But I had a chance to craft!!!!
Lately, if you can't tell, I am on the roll with that bow card.. Oh well, I can assure you it is not the last one that you will see.
Alright, this time I wanted to make an easel card... Good, love those!
But if you know me, I just cant make simple things, so easel bow card sounded very nice...
But that is not it.. easel bow card on top of the box - that sounds alright, complex enough, so yep, done decided - Christmas Easel Bow Card on the box

Inspiration came from new Graphic 45 Christmas collection Twas the Night Before Christmas. Love it!
Here how it looks from all sides

Cute ha!
Lets take a closer look
It is easier to start from the back/base. I had this octagon shape box laying around, so I decided it was time for it... How cute it would be to have a little sweet something hidden inside the card...
So for the base I used that box and a card just simply went on top of it.. As you see above I covered the bottom of the box with paper and left few sides of the box as they were, but one side had a printed name of candies, so I needed to cover it, which was very simple to do using some images from the paper stack..

Just covered whole side with scraps and added cut out of two stamps using 3D pop dots.
On the fold of the card I used
Sizzix - Tim Holtz - Alterations Collection - On the Edge Die - Snow Flurries
 that gave this card nice reach top...
The easel part of this card was done the most simple way - right across along the half of it - SCORE!
You can see how I created that crease. So I adhered bow tails only on lowest part of that element. But before using adhesive I took one of the G45 envelope/tag die cuts and placed it behind the bow tail layer and in between that red Christmas layer of the card. After finding correct spot for it I used my 3D pop dots to create a pocket for a tag and only after that I secured everything with adhesive.
The top part of bow tails layer was decorated with a paper die cuts snowflakes, for more interest.
Lets turn this card around and take a look on it from up front.
here some close up for you on how that tag pops out on top. May I mention while we are here the green bow layer was decorated with beautiful cotton trim (new arrival at NSK).
Zooming out...

Wow ha! Allot to take in for unprepared eye. No worries I will show you around!

Lets start from the back, which is that red plaid print. It is on of the bow tails that was decorated with paper snowflakes on top (remember?!). The secret to this card is - LAYERS.
What I did - basically.. I cut out a bunch of different swirl, snowflake sprays and borders out of paper (use what you have, don't forget punches and border cutters and figure scissors) using as normal layer of wax paper while die cutting those, which under normal circumstances would be thrown away, but not this time...  I used it all.
After securing first layer, which was a bow tail, I adhered on both sides of it bunches of my die cuts. Then I used my pop up dots and adhered second layer/green larger bow. And mayo again, think about it as you are making sandwich.. So mayo/bunches of paper & wax paper die cuts. And third layer/small bow that already was altered on the edges with cotton trim.
I think you got the process down?!
Lets take a look on the front of this card again..
The icing on the top is a window frame with Santa's image inside, which is decorated with beautiful brooch and some tags from G45 collection.
Inside I capt this card very simple
Just a paper die cut and a lace with another tag from the collection..
In all it was very fun project!
Hope you like it and enjoyed this time spent with me....
Have a good day!

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