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Monday, November 3, 2014

Thrifting with Luisa Diaz

Hello everyone!
Today was a fun day for a change..
My friend and one of NSK designers, Luisa Diaz invited me for a lunch during her visit to the parents house.
We were looking forward to that one keeping in mind that every one(me, I am talking about me of course)is very busy. So Luisa took that matter in her hands and after thoroughll checking she decided that we are going to one Chicken grill House, that is close by... Done, done and done!
Couple tweaks to our planes.. and we stopped by Thrift shop.. Yey!
1. We found few goodies.
2. I mat Luisa's family!
3. I spent only $22.59
4. We shared..
Amazingly efficient! To see our finds you have to watch the vid below..
Let me tell you what happend when we went to eat..
1. Luisa got stuck on the parking lot of the Thrift shop. There was a truck that pulled into plaza.. the rest was the history.. so she was a bit late for a lunch and I drove first..
2. While I was waiting on Luisa to arrive I nowthis something strange on the door of the dining..
Check it out

Ha, ha, ha! After all this time of planing! You got to be kidding me!
3. While that was taking place, Luisa passed plaza and got lost.. But luckily for us the was a Little Caesars pizza place right next to that one.. So we decided it will be fine.. But it wasn't as you would assume.
4. There was no sitting area at Little Caesars.. That was our lucky day after all..
I suggested Sarbucks and finally we went there (do not forget that there would be one ass on the road that paddling along the road with the speed of 20 ml/h in a zone of 35 ml/h. And with two cars travelling together passing maneuver wouldn't work.
But we made it!

Guess what guy made for me double doze of coffee.. Oh well I can take it at any day!
After all I had wonderful time and came back hope happy as a puppy with  lots of goods and great memories that share with you!.

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