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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Tilda projects

Hello my friends!
Did I ever tald you that my the best projects are "5AM projects". Do not even ask me why, I have no idea! But it is true. I guess I work the best on a VERY dead line time frame. Because other way I can always excuse myself by saying oh I am tiered, not today and etc.
Oh well, these two creations were pure dead line.
I came back from the post office (dropping orders) aaa, about 3:30pm, walked into my room and it done on me that I am leaving next morning to see my friend Janet (nanajl54 on YT), to help her decorate her house for Christmas. DAAAAA Natasha, it probably the last time you are going to see your friend before holidays!! Do you have a Christmas gift for her??? No.. No? Oh NO!!!!!!!
Ok, so my head starting to spin what in the World I can put together for her?
Luckily for me I was already working on Tilda Bug project, so I said to myself that it would be very cute project to make for her, only in blue tones - it matches her new house walls colors.
I happened to LOVE blue, so I had some wonderful fabrics in my stash, o though I have some wonderful blue sets of fabric in my store as well. Ok, so I started on the Tilda Bug...
While working on that one, my friend Diana (sparemarbles2012 on YT), joined me on Skype and finished bug in collaboration with Diana via Skype. She gave me very nice suggestions of JASING the doll.

But I didn't show her the full version of Beachy Tilda Bug. Ha-ha-ha! Love pranks and jokes, only harmless once!!!!

Oh yes it is a J string... how cute is that?!
I used the lase from my store and some bling and pearls from  my stash!

I was trying to scrape in "Made in USA". Brilliant idea, but a bit to late!!!
Ok, so after I finished the Tilda Bug, I thought that one item is no good and I need something else.. By the way it was around 11:30 PM.
So it is Christmas, right?! Right.. How about Christmas Tree.
Thank you Google and Pinterest! You can find almost anything by searching the web. So I found the tutorial that fits me. And I started my work.. The Tree was up and stuffed by 3:30 AM...
My eyes were closing up and hurting, so I left my craft room and went to bed.
In the morning I finished decorating my tree with dangling pearls, gorgeous brooch from NSK and vintage pin from our previous thrifting shopping trip.
Christmas Tree came out absolutely beautiful!!!

I used different fabrics for each part of tree - came out beautiful. That's what I envisioned - so that's great!

Alright and I needed to shoot pictures of the project and shoot the video, and it done on me - there is no gift bag for these creations!
Ok, no panic, I have loads of saved paper bags. We just need to alter it! Easy-peasy!
So I embossed image of Christmas tree on the piece of paper, using blue embossing powder. Daaa, of course! Using spellbinders die cut the frame out of paper, inked the edges with distress inks. For the outer frame just cut out fabric in the same shape, just a bit larger size. Adhered with the glue. And wrapped the gifts into tissue paper and out of the door!!!

Hope you like my project, my story as well. Maybe it can help you with last minute gift idea, that would be nice. Please check out my store and the video below.
Thank you so much for spending some time with me. Have a good one!

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