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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Haul after visiting Janets

OMG, I am in trouble - some one take my wallet again!!!
We were doing so great with Janet first day: decorating the house for Christmas, having dinner at home...
Guess what the next morning there was absolutely different picture..
Day started just fine and I was trying my best to stay on the task to finish decorations around the house, BUT
oph! always that BUT!
We needed to pick up some prescriptions and groceries at the store. So we went!!!
Prescriptions were picked up and ordered and when we were leaving the plaza, Janet said: "There is Michael's and Home Goods just right across. Shell we?" I needed some plastic words at bead section - that's all... Guess what my bill with the coupons was $49.
I knew it! I should stay away from these craft stores!!!!
Ok and we went to pick up some groceries, which went just fine and guess what we got home with out stopping anywhere! We were proud of ourselves as two peacocks.
We had our earlier lunch and almost stared on Christmas decoration of the house, but decided to swing by the craft room...
Should I mention that me and Janet are two squirrels and getting easy distracted...
While finding treasures in Janet's craft room we slowly shifted to die cut station and conversation about Christmas gifts and swaps and ta-da!
Suddenly Janet said that there is one wonderful craft store in her area and they were running good sales lately. Guess what - here we go! We jumped the car..
For the after shock - watch this video!

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