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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Altered box and Birthday card

Hello everyone.
Happy Valentine's day! Hope you had lots of fun with your loved once and received a special treatment on that wonderful day!
I was in a hurry to put this gift together for Luisa Diaz, who is an owner of KSP on Zibbet.
Had to whip that cookie very fast because Luisa needed some of the goodies that are inside the box right the way.
And because I still can't type allot (carpal tunnel) I will post pictures for you here and will ask you to scroll to the video below to listen to my explanations on what is what and who is who..
Thank you so very much!

What I can do with Old Christmas Cards challenge drawing

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Frozen Bow Card - VR Ryanna's Birthday Card Challenge

Hello my dear friends.
Just very briefly, because its late and my right hand is very hurt, so I can't type allot.
I created a Frozen Gift set for little girl's Birthday.

Ryanna will turn 5 this year and her grand mom decided to host a challenge on YT. She asked us to make a card for her granddaughter. Of course she mentioned that Ryanna LOVEs Frozen
So here we go I made her a 3D Frozen Bow Card

And if you know me I can't just do one thing
I made for her a little girly purse and coloring book

Please watch my video about this project.
Have a great day!

Happy Mail from Tina Cappa