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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mixed Media Postcard

Hello my friends!
I am again on my mixed media alert! Absolutely loving each minute of messy/no clue what i am doing crafting..
This time I created two postcards A-LA mixed media
Using regular manila cardstock, magazine cut outs, some paints and imagination.
Postcard #1 From Russia with Love...
I used old map of Russia with exact location of my city that I was born. Added Russian beauty and crowned her as a miss Universe and she has a fairy wings. Kind of mirrored image of me.
Come on let girl to dream a little bit!!!!
I added diamond ring in the right bottom corner, because Russia has diamonds as a natural resource and any girl can use a diamond ring.. so it is kind of simbolical (mind you, Russian girl is very lucky if guy will come up with a proposal and golden band/ forget diamonds)...
Words FROM and WITH are magazine cut outs topped with glossy accents and sparkly powder...
4D Postcard #2 Russia The head-turner/My Worlds
The same Russian bravado.... No seriously, I am very proud to be Russian/American and come from such a great reach culture.
Here I used the same cardstock for background and found old map of USSR (which is now Russia) and using cut outs of magazine I created universes: in cream Russia with image of girl in a fur coat power walking through life; some diamond rings and watch represent Russia as well - time zones and natural treasures; perfume bottle reminded me of churches in Russia (country is finding her way back to god after been none religious USSR); hot lips, its personal (my nickname my crafty friends gave me)

 What makes this postcard 4D?
If you will pull hot lips, you will smell a perfume. I thought its just another wonderful way to make simple stuff more complex and another way to recycle things...

Enjoy the video!
Hugs, Natasha

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