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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Simplistic Upcycled Cards

Hello my friends!
few of you know that I have several card stands around the town with my handmade cards.
I love cardmaking, but I wish I could do more dimensional and layered cards like this
Love those type of cards... But those are very time consuming, there for those should cost allot.
Everydge customer normally aren't paying over $4 per card. Therefore I am staying down to Earth flat and simplistic with my cards.
I had couple stands in two Russian grocery stores for russian speaking population. One store is about 45 minutes away from me (very inconvenient); another one much closer just recently went out of business. So I lost both locations at once.
Now I got stock with cards and greetings on Russian language. I had to upcycle those.
Take a look how those came out!
I used printed cardstock for a background and just added images and stamped sayings...

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