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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Experimenting with resin & molds

Hello my friends, how are you doing this fine morning?
This project is my 1st ever attempt to work with resin and I already did so many mistakes oh though I took allot of time to learn by watching others videos.
But I am considering those mistakes very educational and those are definitely driving me to keep working and learn more with resin products.
I am using molds from NSK (store will be open at the end of October, 2015) you can find many more items in "Tools" section of the shop:
Tea Time Silicone Mold:
Flower Silicone Mold (blue one on the picture): - this mold will be listed in November
You can find more molds to play with at NSK/Tools/Molds section
I am making my own embellishments for Alice in Wonderland project that I am working on right now... I LOVE that fairy tail.
I already have several projects done using G45 old Halloween in Wonderland collection:
Halloween Jars - 5 pcs G45 Halloween in Wonderland

I entered G45 September challenge with this project, so please follow the link and vote for my creation
as well as Halloween Bag, Card, 3D card, Album, Banners... I will be blogging about those projects..
Mean while going back to my 1st resin adventure...
I wanted to create 3D (360 degree) embellishments and those came out quite nice.
Learned on my mistakes Tip: if you are looking for seamless 360 degree element
- be sure your mold has mirrored images/molds (if not you will be forced making your own mirrored mold)
- make first half and when resin is almost set (not all the way but strong enough to push it out of the mold), take it out and start mixing second/mirrored half. While second/mirrored half is setting in put your first part on top of curing resin.
That way you will be able to achieve almost seamless and the most strongest bond between those two parts (other way you will be forced to use epoxy glues and sending papers to achieve what you are intending). Why do more work then you need?
- if you want your 3D element to have a stick/stand - add those (toothpick, straws, wire, etc.) right after you poured your resin into the mold for second/mirrored half and proceed with step above.

Oh, I hand painted resin pieces using acrylic paints and nail polishes...
I will be testing adding different substances: like eye shadow, acrylic paint, alcohol ink and more in a future. Just very curious how those will work...
Alright... so that's that
Then I was experimenting on making my own mold of the rubber stamp using clay... And that was a success..
I have this wonderful rubber stamp of White Rabbit
 I needed to have a resin piece of it...
So I took childrens clay and stamped Rabbit into it. After releasing stamp from clay I poured resin mix and let it cure.
I had so much fun playing with resin and molds...
Try it!

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