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Saturday, October 3, 2015

File Folder Fodder week1 Nature

Hello my friends, long time no see...
I have been busy with cleaning of my northern home after July's flood. Walls should been opened, place needed to be bleached, cleaned and repainted.... So if you can imagine, my time was tied up with this project.
And because I have Hobby Lobby in my area here up north, I dove into shopping under excuse of much needed journals, markers, paints, stamps and so much more for my new passion - mixed media journaling.
I am watching very closely two wonderful artists Dede Willingham & PackerDi and enjoying those two tremendously.  And what a treat for me.. These two ladies decided to do a "File Folder Fodder" project together. I would encourage you to watch Dede's video first and then visit PackerDi.
I was so excited to start on this project, especially keeping in mind that there are no deadlines (oh though, to keep all of us on track ladies doing a folder per week). I am behind, behind...
Now I want to share with you my week 1 creation of "File Folder Fodder" Nature

Check out my video where I talk about fodder that I put in this folder and process 10 minutes segment on how I decorated this folder.
Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day!

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