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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas gifties for Sparemarbles2012

Hello my friends just few more gifts for my friend during this Holiday season..
These creations went to Diana- aka Sharp Sis, aka Pink Sharpie aka sparemarbles2012
#1Altered ornament with a tiny gift bag.
I used plastic ornament that was gifted to me by Irina (ThePassioForCraft) and scraps of laces from NSK. I attached it to this tiny gift bag, so she can put this ornament in.. but there is a little tiny surprise inside already..psss in Russian traditions, you can't gift empty bag..

#2 Altered pink Santa hat.. after all this is gift for "pink sharpie"... she had to have a pink hat...
I used a regular Dollar Tree childrens hat and altered the princess band with laces and bling...

#3 following with pink
Diana asked me "wink, wink" for a Tilda Bug for a while... but I think she wanted it to be shabby.. there you have it sis.. and of course I couldn't sent out just a bug.. She definitely needed a tree..

cute, cute!
#4 a CD Christmas card made out of old CD cases and altered box where I put loose gifts 

#5 Altered goodie bag..
Love how simple and fast that wrapping goes:
take a lunch bag, stamp it with large image; 
take a paper doily, stamp your message on it;
take a large paper clip, small cupcake wrapper folded in half, adhere with a hot glue paper clip to the wrapping+any holiday stickers;
secure stamped paper doily on your lunch bag with altered paper clip... Ta-Da (idea of altered paper clips is totally scrap lifted from Irina (CraftyIrina)

#6 Miniature snippet roll

#7 Altered Burlap Ice Skates

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hugs, Natasha

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