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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Time Flies Vintage kit at NSK

Hello my wonderful crafters,
Today I am sharing with you new kit that just been listed at NSK.
I named it "Time flies Vintage kit".
I am absolutely loving how this kit came about..
First of all it will arrive looking
like that

isn't that adorable or what?
In this kit you will find following:
2 - fabric printed vintage images
1 - 15" by 31" cotton embroidered cotton
2 - embroidered vintage hankies
1 - yd of 4" wide white vintage lace
1 - yd of heart shape lace
1 - 1yd 18" cream cotton trim
1 - yd of ivory tulle
1 - venice applique
1 - venice applique of butterflies (tea dyed)
1 - large beaded with sequins tea dyed applique
9 - beads
1 - stick pin with pearl top
1 - metal bling
3 - medium doilies (Tea dyed)
1 - 13" flower plastic trim
4 - natural skeleton leaves
3 - floral embellishments
Quite a supply right?
Let me share with you images that you'll receive
in the kit those are printed of cotton fabric, but you can always purchase those as a digital file at NSK (click word image above)
Now to the kit itself

Enjoy it!
Have a great day!

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