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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Russia Art Journal Mixed Media Page

Woot, woot!
I made my first ever art journal mixed media page ala Dede Willingham
I recorded the process video and speed it up..

I am so thrilled how this project came out.... Hope you'll take time to enjoy it with me..
Have a great day, Natasha!

Vintage Twinches for Jean Wragg's BD challenge

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Simple cardmaking tutorial

Hello my dear friend,
today I finished few simple birthday cards:

these came out absolutely adorable...
And it is so simple to make those.. Here is a little tutorial on how...
1st card that we are going to make will be with a decorative bottom line (so you need some sort of punch or decorative scissors)

Now if you don't have anything to make a decorative edge, you can use 2nd style of the card:

Enjoy it!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cardmaking tutorial

Hello my dear friends,
today I would like to share several cards that I created for a challenge...
 These cards called "curtain fold" or "pleated skirt technique" (you can watch a tutorial on how to make those in the video down below).
For more savvy cardmakers I can do a shortcut. More than anything you need to know parameters for the folded piece.
Here we go:
1. take double sided paper piece 6" by 12"
2. on the 6" sides mark 1" down from the right top & 1" up from the left bottom; cut on diagonal through those 1" marks
3. score your #2 on 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11 and fold "accordion style"

 If you know me well, you can assume that I am not stopping on one thing to make...
You are correct, I made few more cards (again, you can refer to the video tutorial at any time)
These are very simple to make cards: you need cardstock, any shape punch, stamp with greeting, decorative thread, button, if you want gem (simply punch out shape on the white cardstock, ink the edges, wrap the thread, stamp the message; adhere finished white cardstock to your card and top everything with a button and gem)
Well, here are few examples of the same basic idea, but different execution in decoration...

 And these particular cards are the most simple and fast way of making...
Print out images that you like, stamp the message and adhere to the card..... Enjoy it!

Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me. Have a great day!
hugs, Natasha

Friday, August 12, 2016

Travelogue Art Junk Journal, part 5

Well hello there...
here is my last art journal page for our second day together....
As I said in part 4, our friendship got sealed by this moment and it deserves a special art page...
I found an images of girly bedroom and VS models. In the video you'll see the process of fitting girls into background and adding pillows and laptop...
 But it wasn't enough in my opinion, so I used few stickers and speech bubbles
to scramble adorable sayings like:

 It was so much fun to work on this page: artsy and so memorable....

Off to the next day... well which didn't start till..Hmmm! about noon! xo-xo-xo

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Travelogue Art Junk Journal, part 4

Hello there...
Today I will be sharing several pages of my second day trip to Japan.
That was absolutely delightful day that started a bit later (we slept in). After having Russian breakfast that Irina cooked for us: pancakes, coffee  so yummy!
The first thing we decided to open GIFTS... but first we couldn't just open the gifts w/o carrying on with our story, and pointing fingers on each other... LOL.
Because this trip was a "sabotage" against Phoebe, so she was the first to receive gifts from Irina.

And because Irina was the hostess she wanted to give her gifts to me as well.

OMG, all these DAISO yumminess... Thank you so much my dear friend!
Now... Phoebe was so anxious to gift back, because she dragged a whole suitcase with her full of supplies and gifts...

wow, a loads of ruffly FUN!
And because I was the last to arrive to our party, I was the lust to give gifts to my dear girls!

And I think we all were very pleased!!!!!!
Ok, I think it will be right time for my art journal page devoted to that moment
this one is before...
 and this one is after....
I love the saying that I found:
"They say that every person that comes into your life comes for a reason...
Well, I've got a few questions about that....." I just love the sarcasm of that phrase. The meaning of that phrase carries all the way through the whole day and actually into the night of our second day together and finding the reason of why we all got together and starting our sisterhood bond. Quiet strong feeling...
I knew that this trip will be very special, no I should say especially special and very meaningful even at the beginning: so many signs were showed to me and one of them was this image, that I stumbled upon at the magazine been at home
here three of us: Phoebe, me and Irina, exactly how we look in life... xo-xo-xo!
and next few flips that I added into my journal are as well very much related to our friendship moment

OK, enough of deep subjects, oh though I love meaningful things - makes my life so reacher and with a purpose, all though I already fulfill the call of nature by having a kid (next generation).
Alright moving on...
According my handwritten journal notes and video report, we got sick of sitting at home and went on our CRAFT SHOPPING sperry.
Local craft store was just delightful, more like american Jo-Anns. Lots of different things.
But main point of our trip on that rainy day was visit of DAISO. It was my 1st ever DAISO experience, and I think I did very well.

just few things here and there and the total is - three bags of crafty stuff....
 Well it is getting to be dinner by now... Well Phoebe treated us with a wonderful dinner at Genki Sushi.... Oh what fun it was!!!!!!!!! and sooooo yummy!
 that was so much fun to taste all different dishes and of course I did record it.. and now put it into art junk journal
we even finished 26 plates and even had some room for the cake...

Been belly up full we had some time to craft. The easiest and the fastest project that we could come up with was shaker boxes... So we made few of those... Mine when as a gift to someone very special... LOL...
While crafting and chatting we wound up with long night girl to girl conversation which brings me back to the saying: "They say that every person that comes into your life comes for a reason..."
which brings me to the end of that part of my travelogue and opens the door for the next one...
See ya in part 5.